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Leasing object:
New or used:
Purchase Value to lease withoutVAT: EUR
Down payment:
Lease term: months
Down payment:
((minimum down payment: )
Rest value to lease (netto lease price):
Monthly installment without VAT:
Average interest rate per year:


*Offered schemes are based on 3 months Euribor.

Kuehn leasing has the right to change the offered conditions in the process of its analysis on the deal.

The Lessee shall acquire ownership of the assets after the expiration of the contract term and after the payment of all lease Installments due under the lease contract. An acual sheme with all pay offs would be issued after the signing of the PRIEMO- PREDAVATELEN protocol. The Lessee pays an additional amount if the leasing object is not imported from a country which is part of the EU - duty taxes, excise duties.

Lessee pays the charges over the registration of the vehicle - including taxes and some other.


  • own the leasing object
  • Civil Liability insurances, Casko, Property insurance for all risks , wich are paid separately from the lessee with an insurance plan they pick
  • Registering the leasing contract in the Plage Register

The lessee chooses the dealer and the leasing object, which would be the most suitable for them. We dont pick the leasing object an don`t carry any responsibilities for its quality and technical characteristics. The Lessor gives to the Lessee the responsibilities for the quaranty of the producer or the dealer, and the rights for the service agreements as it refers to the leasing until the leasing contract ends.

If it is necessray the Lessee puts claims direct to the dealer or the producer.

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